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  • Email:paul35mm@pauldesmarais.com
  • Address:29 Fleetwood Avenue
  •              Bethel, Ct 06801

Current Projects

In July 2011 I continued my exploration of The American Deserts by photographing Death Valley National Park. In particular, the dune fields and salt flats. The dramatic contrast between the crystal blue of the skies and the sun blasted sands and rock of the desert landscape is so stark and so arresting, I feel drawn to those juxtapositions in spite of the difficulty in rendering them in a manner that does them justice.

At dawn and dusk, the rapidly changing of light and shadow on the dunes is like an intricately choreographed dance being guided by music that only the gods can hear. For a short span of time this daily dance infuses this incredibly hostile environment with an almost indescribable beauty; then, the sun reaches a certain height and the golden tones a black shadows vanish and the same landscape that seemed so alive only moments earlier appears in an instant, harsh and utterly uninhabitable.

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