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Permission Based Email Promotion

The goal of any marketing approach is, in the end, more revenue. You spend money to promote your products and services in order to get more people to buy more of what you sell. It’s a simple idea. Executing it, is not so simple. There are so many options for advertising. Broadcasting, print, and online all offer unique methods to build an audience and consumers for your goods and services. Which to use, and why?

In his book, Email Marketing by the Numbers, Chris Baggot calls email marketing the “greatest marketing tool to take any organization to the next level”. Why? First, studies published in Marketing point out that less than 75% of direct mail is opened, never mind read. To respond to this trend of what the article calls customer disinterest, companies are strengthening their mailing lists. Email,  especially permission-based email, might be the ultimate in mailing list efficacy. Email has the advantage of being flexible and relatively inexpensive.

Permission based email promotion takes that concept to the next level. By using an opt-in email list, you are sending promotional materials to clients and customers who want to receive information from you. They want to know about your new products, new promotions, and they want to know what is going on within your organization, because it effects how they do business.(Marinova, 2002)

A study conducted of women in Finland found that email advertisers should “strive to generate emails that are perceived as useful.”  Researchers were trying to answer questions about how email promotions influenced women to visit the advertiser’s website and physical, locations. What do we mean by useful? Useful means advertising that offers a value add to the promotion.

Ryan Allis, CEO of email marketing firm iContact, suggests that companies send emails only to people who request them, and that they should be consistent with promotion frequency. Emails should be sent weekly, monthly, or quarterly, for example.

Promotions that add value offer information about products and services, links to more information, and information that helps your customers to make informed decisions they will be comfortable with. Permission based email is all about creating a relationship between you and the consumer of your products; be they goods or services.